Another satisfied client!

“We were extremely pleased working with Go2Capital. We have been impressed with the speed that my financing was accomplished and the way Go2Capital handled everything. Everyone is so friendly and easy to deal with. I would definitely recommend Go2Capital to other business owners who are looking for financing options.”

-T. Roberts


“After being turned down by my own bank, I went online looking for help. Go2Capital came up and I talked extensively with them. After taking care of a few issues I had we secured $56,000 in financing. This truely saved my business. Thank you for your help Go2Capital.”

– Gina Thomas, CEO


“We are very satisfied with Go2Capital. It was a smooth and painless process to get funding.”

– Cole Eldredge


“In the beginning of our company, I tested out Go2Capital not knowing what I would receive. Go2Capital exceeded my expectations by far and we received startup financing from a couple lenders. If you’re wondering whether to use their services or not, do it if you’re serious about getting financing.”

– Danny Clark, IMO Services


“Go2Capital helped me secure a significantly lower interest rate on my loan, dropping my interest rate from 8.25% to 5%. The extra liquid cash has helped me float some receivables, help my marketing outreach efforts and more money in the bank. It’s great having a great partner for commercial business lending.”

-Juan Ruiz-Hernandez, Hernandez Enterprises


“Go2Capital really came through for us when we needed to secure a line of credit and long term financing at a low cost. I have started my dream business, and I have Go2Capital to thank”

-Jacee Myers


“Never in my life did I think my Company would qualify for $350,000. I needed a little help in packaging up my loan correctly, but after everything was submitted correctly if finally happened. Go2Capital is a solid company and I appreciate their services.”

-Wesley Sorenson, Managing Partner


“I am a woman full of passion and desire to succeed. I have truly found what I am good at, what is profitable and what I am predestined to do. I am so excited to have the opportunity to work with Go2Capital.”

-Michelle Oakey, Founder

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