Business Acquisition Financing

$25,000 – $2,000,000

There are several different choices for a company that is looking for acquisition financing. A business term loan or a line of credit are the most common financial vehicles. Favorable rates for acquisition financing can help smaller companies reach economies of scale and is generally viewed as an effective method for increasing the size of the company’s operations. Business Acquisition Financing can be used to acquire another business, merge with another company or buy out ownership of an owner. Down payments are typically required and occasionally the lender will leverage any of the existing assets as collateral of the purchased company to minimize the requested down payment.

Occasionally there multiple buyers interested in purchasing the same business you are trying to acquire. The number one reason Business Acquisitions fail is because the borrower pursued the wrong lender. Therefore, these transactions are time sensitive and working with the correct lender the first time is imperative. Working with Go2Capital, we make sure you get the best approval, rates and the loan structured in the least amount of time.

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